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It's always great to get that email which says

Hi Trevor

I'm pleased to inform you that your film 'Romance Language'  has been selected for screening at the Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2013.

The film will be screened at Summerhall, Friday June 7th 2013. The programme starts at 7.30pm.


Is a new Filmmakers Group in Stockholm which is built on sharing knowledge of filmmaking and networking our first meeting was on the 11th May with the 2nd is planed for the 15th June and we will be going live so no matter where in the world you are, you can watch. More info coming.

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New for March

We are now offering you the chance to buy our movies direct.


The store is open

Impressive News just in. 14th Feb 2013

Hope you’re well. Just wanted to let you know that Swim Fat Boy Swim drew our highest viewer ratings for the week of 21st-27th January, with 29 000 watching the repeat on 26th Jan and 10 000 watching the earlier showing on the 23rd. So that’s almost 40 000 across two showings, which is impressive for a channel of our size.

Thats what makes it worth while as a filmmaker.

Into The New Year
Swim Fat Boy Swim
Nigel Reid is an average middle-aged man who is a regular cold water swimmer at London's Tooting Bec Lido. When Nigel decides to take his hobby to the next level in an attempt to get in better shape, he embarks on a strict training regime in order to participate in the tough National Cold water Swimming Championships of Finland.

Swim Fat Boy Swim is the documentary that traces Nigel's Journey from Casual swimmer in south London to serious competitor in the Finish National Championship. Along the way he meets an array of interesting characters, from once-a-week dippers to devoted water lovers. Part of Community Channel's Living It Up season
Had TV premier Sunday 20th January at 21:00
Sky 539*Virgin Media 233*Freeview 87 *BT Vision

More info at

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From the Daily Mail Weekend Magazine, and the second is from the Mail on Sunday Live Magazine

Welcome to Frame On Frame, a London / Stockholm based production company specializing in High Definition digital filmmaking.
Frame On Frame is a professional team of filmmakers committed to creativity and quality.

out of 2012
Foolproof had a 5 day run stateside at Valley 11 Cinema
The Secret of Wilson Hill released stateside
Romance Language ready for release 2013
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Read more here

Read more here

Read more here

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play the Trailer

Click poster to
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Click poster to
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Exciting times at Frame On Frame.
We are now looking for you to be part of our team:
Actors, Crew, Extras... for up and coming projects.
Now is the time to contact us - we will be pleased to hear from you.

For more information please click here

With Confidence

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Chapters to Motivate you:

• Develop A Positive Attitude Towards Your Life

• Achieving Goals

Chapters to Inspire you:

• Creating Your Own Happiness

• Successful Interests At Heart

And Chapters To Give you thought:

• A Disciplined Mind

• Mixing With The Right Kind Of People

What Riky Ash has achieved so far in his life is truly amazing and an inspiration to all who wish their lives to be much more happier and successful.

“With Confidence” is a book you just won’t be able to put down, taking you on a journey to a much more Confident life. From Riky’s days as a Cabinet Maker. taking up Shaolin Kung-Fu in 1988. to progressing to becoming one of The World’s Leading Stuntmen, Riky has gone from Strength To Strength.  Riky has even been featured in Business book "Secret Of My Success" by Jamie X Oliver as one of the most successful business people in the world alongside Richard Branson and Bill Gates. 

To purchase A truly amazing book click on the link

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